Why Waxing by a Professional Beautician is Better for your Skin.

Why Waxing by a Professional Beautician is Better for your Skin.

Why professional waxing is better for you.

Does it feel like you’re constantly shaving? Then let’s look at a better and longer lasting way to achieve smooth, soft hair free skin. Waxing (by a professional beautician) is definitely a high contender.

So, is it good for your skin?

Yes, it is not harsh and damaging like a razor, which is used more frequently. It can not cut the skin and sensibly should never be used on broken, pimpled or sore skin anyway. Booking an appointment with a beautician means you won’t get messy and take up half an hour in the bathroom. And doing it yourself can hurt, particularly the more delicate areas of the body. A beautician knows in which direction to remove the wax, how to hold the skin taught and at what temperature to apply an smooth application. A beautician will use quality waxes and removal strips – avoiding harsh chemicals which were used when waxing first became popular a couple of decades ago.

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How does waxing work?

The warm wax adheres to the visible hair rather than the skin, resulting in a less painful removal. A beauty therapist has trained in the art of effective removal of the whole hair from the layers of skin. Some areas are tougher than others and some may be more tender than others, but you’ll soon get used to the sensation – anyway just think of being hair free for weeks… Your beautician will also have pre-cleansed the area, work in a hygienic environment and remove any residual wax afterwards. The tingling will only last a short while and then you can enjoy showing off your hair-free pins!

Book a beautician for waxing.

Whilst of course, you can wax at home, it can get messy. Should you use pre-coated waxing strips or a pot of very hot wax? Strips are easier, but if you don’t know how to remove the papers then it can not only be painful, leave red stripe marks and get messy. Perhaps it is better to pay for a professional to do the job. Your beautician will ask you about your skin; perhaps you have sensitivities to certain products? There are hypo-allergenic wax alternatives, so do take advise to avoid any irritations. Waxing suits most skin types and is quick and convenient – you’ll be converted and ever wonder why you sliced your skin with a razor in the past!

And the cost? Yes you are worth spending a nominal amount of money on for the luxury of having your legs waxed for you. It’ll last much longer than shaving, you don’t have to swap trousers for the skirt you HAD planned on wearing, especially at the last minute and regrowth is less stubbly.

Go for it! Waxing by a professional beautician is the way to go, contact Koko’s Beauty today on 07341 334949 today!


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